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21:25Asylum: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
20:37Juries: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
33:33Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
18:15USPS: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
18:06OAN: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
OAN: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)visningar 10mn7 månader sedan
16:33Sheriffs: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
18:48Modi: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
6:24Thailand feat. Rip Taylor
Thailand feat. Rip Taylorvisningar 2,9mnÅr sedan


  • i bought 3 shirts and pants for the first time in 7 years

  • PLEASE READ!!! To all American's who read this (though it probably won't be a lot), a government run healthcare competing with individual ones, and which you can freely choose to partake in (and if so, indeed pay an amount of money each year which may be more or may be less than what you would pay otherwise) is what we have in Belgium. I am not sure about the details of other countries but I believe about 27 countries in Europe have this system (31 countries if you split UK up into England, Northern Island, Scotland and Wales, note that I refer to the European continent and not the union since UK is no longer part of the union). While a lot of Americans like to point out the negatives of our systems, these systems have factually proven to perform much better. And yes I say 'factually', this is not an opinion, it has been proven by studies. In fact, numerous studies done by the US itself found these systems better performing, and produced the following ranking: (I state parallel another ranking by the world population review) 1: Canada | 1: France 11: Norway 21: Belgium 2: Denmark | 2: Italy 12: Portugal 22: Colombia 3: Sweden | 3: San Marino 13: Monaco 23: Sweden 4: Norway | 4: Andorra 14: Greece 24: Cyprus 5: Germany | 5: Malta 15: Iceland 25: Germany 6: UK | 6: Singapore 16: Luxemburg 7: Japan | 7: Spain 17: Netherlands 8: Austria | 8: Oman 18: UK 9: Netherlands | 9: Austria 19: Ireland 10: Switzerland | 10: Japan 20: Switzerland Note that in the US ranking, 8/10 countries are EU countries, and 21/25 countries are EU countries in the ranking of the world population review. These systems allow people to chose if they want to be covered thus not violating any constitutional laws/rights, while still allowing for millions more to be covered, not posing 'out of network' issues to the ones partaking, etc. While mister Oliver points out the currently flawed system would also stay in place, individuals need only keep track of the system they partake in. And since the government alternative would cover the entire country, it would not be suffocated by the administrative costs which privately owned healthcare systems suffer. I can not do better than to advise on such a system.

  • So our tax dollars basically go to the CHURCH of the United States?

  • John Oliver is a pompous-ass Brit that has no clue as to what he's talking about. I haven't cared what Brits thinks since 1776

  • I wish that woman with the shock of yellow hair actually could go Super Saiyan 3.

  • She travels 1 and a half hour by public transportation. She says it would take 10 minutes by car. 10 min by car means roughly 45min to an hour of walking, about twice as fast as public transportation. I'd say lose some weight and buy a bicycle before complaining about not having a car. It would be at most 15-20min of cycling to get to work, which is pretty normal. And bikes are a lot cheaper than cars. I can buy several decent bikes for the price of the cheapest car, and bikes don't even require that much maintenance cost.

  • Communist don't want Anyone to hear the truth, it interferes with their agenda.

  • I spent the vast majority of my life in saudi arabia, and I didn't know about any of this stuff, and I always thought it was a novelty that women could drive in the USA. Also WWE is incredibly popular there, even grown ass adults watch that stuff

  • alex jones is as entertaining as this guy here wishes to be. haters gonna hate.

  • It's so fucking hot to be with someone who knows what they're doing. Having sex with someone who is insecure, clumsy, nervous, doesn't know what they like or don't like, don't take initiative and are essentially just confused is NOT HOT. Having sex with someone who knows what they want, can understand what you want, know how to do the things that feel good, are confident and take initiative is fucking awesome, as well as awesome fucking. The whole abstinence only crap is a joke.

  • Thank you again, I do not believe I could have gone thru this bizarre surreal political shattering with out you and your amazing team of reporters🥰 you have given us the bad news in a funny format.

  • I wish i could somehow thank the people at HBO for letting the public see this without having to pay for a subscription.

  • mukbang kingktf god'splan methodman

  • BBQ, BEER and FREEDOM. OK. Biden/Harris. 2020

  • Oliver’s a bitch

  • bob murray looks like what an enchanted frog would, if it got stuck in that form mid transformation to a human... I mean, the guy looks inbred.

  • PiNetwork is a new digital currency developed by Stanford PhDs, with over 9 million members worldwide. To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (Koponeeen) as your invitation code

  • Religion has been preying on the fears of common folk for 5000+ yrs

  • He died of black lung. You know, the thing he didn't care about when his coal workers of dying of it.

  • For the record: conversion therapy sucks! It doesn’t work and only causes harm.

  • Great show and I will keep watching xD

  • Funny. But, didn't like the big fire and smoke into the environment. We had enough fires this year.

  • you know they are getting it correct when un funny comedians try to make you feel they are miss leading you. like this guy is a complete loser !!!!

  • That is oddly specific

  • G

  • I so love you J.O., ... But.. can we... pretty sure it’s Octopi... 😅😅😅

  • SEnewss recommend this during pendamic, i guess we are going down... but glad to listen celine dion in the end.... also was happy to see how much the audience respect celine dion, they all applauded

  • Next year he should bring celebrities on that had a bad year and let them say f*** that year

  • This guys no fun no more, he just became boring.

  • Prove this whole pandemic is a scam to take away your rights through medical tyranny everywhere in the world: (Top Canadian Pathologist On COVID: 'Greatest Hoax Ever Perpetrated') (Watch Censored WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE Announce Lawsuit Against COVID-19 Global Lockdown) (Banned from SEnewss America's Frontline Doctors Hold 2nd Summit in DC) (Interview: Whistleblower Nurse at NYC “Epicenter” on Fraud She Recorded)

  • Hey, John, I mean, I'm gonna turn 22 in 3 days, and *FU-* jk jk of course not, and tbh, I will at least admit to my idiocy in one area or skill; procrastination. Paralysis by analysis. A lot of great ideas, paths, and aspirations are tough for me to get off the ground running if only for the sheer amount, so I can take the hit, brother. 😊🫂

  • And we're supposed to be civilized ⁉️........yet "WE STILL CAN'T GET PASS SKIN COLOR!!!!!😔🤨😶😎

  • Jon do you perhaps know my friend Rod Harris?

  • SEnewss recommends this when we have the Covid-19 outbreak lol

  • It feels so nice to see John happy about something that's not a sewage plant


  • It’s crazy how sub prime lending is still an industry...oh wait no it’s not because capitalism

  • I'm not sure of the format of this Mixing in jokes and laugh tracks in between women crying over having a forced abortion.

  • Poor Adam...

  • My god that penguin clip... I think I just had an aneurysm trying to follow that logic.

  • And now we are here. Apple caved. Right after I finally bought one. :(

  • Edward Snowden is an amazing person. He literally sacrificed his life to warn us.

  • Conspiracy theories are bad, if enough people actually believe this stuff, then they’ll all reject the vaccine, then the military will demand mandatory vaccines and then civil war.

  • No voting rights after being convicted by laws created by those very lawmakers? Colluded.

  • this is John Oliver in 2019. Showing how flawed the Voting system was.

  • I just love you John Oliver, you told much more about what's going right and wrong in the Modi government than the 4000 prime media outlets in the Indian subcontinent. The fact that Modi just like his right wing contemporaries Putin and Trump...has decided to take control over the constitutional rights of the people and the same time have a strong hold on the media to not let their popularity what is concerning for most of the intellectuals in the country.

  • Are we really surprised Trump is still trying to force himself upon us after we said no?

  • the miner who first sent the check with "eat shit bob" must be dancing right now

  • Is it just me or does "One America News Network" heavily sound like a ficitional propaganda network out of a Cold War movie?

  • John Oliver: one of the sanest men on the Internet.

  • I hope you stand with David chappelle I'm cancelling my subscription to hbo if his shows still up next month

  • Tell me how many presidents of USA are non Christian. You the hell has no right say is anything.

  • John... remember last year when you railed against voting machines? Not a peep about them this year?

  • Don’t you think you should make this Enquiry about 2020 voting credibility now Mr Oliver?

  • Christ this feels like it was a century ago.

  • I'm not crying you're crying.

  • 2017 to 2020 was a cold civil war fought in America.

  • Watching this after the elections in 2020, and yes, you did eat "This shit for years"

  • ♥ Looking forward to 4 more years of #OurPresident and maybe the late night show guys in prison for treason. That would make 2021 the best year! ♥

  • The irony that they are singing a song by Freddie Mercury... a gay man who would most of them would discriminate against if he were still alive

  • @dontreadmyprofilepic

  • "I'm gonna say one thing, Fuck Trump" -Robert De Niro, 2017

  • 2:37 Australia kind of does

  • At least this won't go through. I suspect one of the first things Biden will do is cancel the withdrawal of the US from the WHO. Actually, being from the UK, the phrase '<insert international entity> does have problems, but the solution clearly isn't to walk away, it's to try and fix them, and the only way for <insert country> to have a say in how that happens is to have a seat at the table and we're about to give that up' is oddly familiar.....


  • I'd rather be in 2016 than 2020...

  • ....


  • "deep american melting pot" the song says. Yet dare try to date outside your race and you'll have all 4 parents, 8 grandparents and every uncle frowning. It's more like the great American pot of oils and waters.

  • Let me address the, "Do foxes walk on their hind legs when people arent looking?" thing... yes. Yes we do.

  • As an American, that my relationship with the portion on Iranian mistrust in their government Hits Different after the chaos with Trump’s diagnoses

  • Only John Oliver can make you feel bad for At&T 😂

  • “Where are the lines of Corona patients?!” “Sir, this is a Wendy’s...”

  • I feel like the HBO team should’ve done more research into Briana Wu. Cause her case isn’t really the best example to choose for online harassment, especially if you know about Gamergate...

  • 😂😂😂egg 😂😂😂undressing you😂😂😂eyes up here egg aaaaahha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Is anyone surprised? The Geneva Convention doesn't mean anything to one of the most barbaric countries on Earth. And torture doesn't work. The guy at 13:00 is an asshole too. Actually out of control barbarism is exactly what the country is about. The cops are a perfect example of that.

  • he is 100% correct and only told 20% of the whole massacres the rest are horrible to know .... modi is not to unify but to split....

  • This claim about election fraud is disputed.

  • Good?ok.

  • Real American answer to All your problems.